Bokcirkel 1

Jag tyckte att vår bokcirkel var bra för alla hade gjort sitt och dom hade gjort de bra, vi lyssnade på varandra när man skulle säga sin uppgift och vi pratade hela tiden så det inte blev tyst och så vi fick diskutera lite mer, sedan snackade vi om vad man tyckte om boken och vad som var negativt eller positivt och vilka känslor man fick när man läste boken. frågorna jag ställde var :

1. vad tyckte du om de vi har läst om ?

2. vad fick du för känslor när ni läste de i boken ?

3. Vad kände du var negativt med de du ni läste ?

4. Vad tyckte du var positivt med de du läste ?


Summary of ”Gift” by Susan Gates.

The text is about a girl named Susan. She livs in Africa and goes to a school called

St Martin’s because her parent are teachers in that school. She is the only white pupil att St martin. The school is a boarding school because the most of the kids came from villages far away. Susan don’t sleep at home with her mom and dad she sleeps with all her friands in the dormitory.

Gift Mlungu is a guy in St Martin, Susan thinks he is really hot, she have a crush in Gift and her friend Gracie also think he is the handsomest guy in school. Susan didn’t think he recognized her until about two weeks ago, when Gift asked her if she wanted to spend som days with him in his house at the holidays. She asked her mom and she said yes.

Susan was really happy that Gift picked her of all the beautiful girls in the school. When Susan comes to  his house she wants to be with alone with Gift but his little sisters ans family are in the way all the time. The next day Gift told Susan that he will show her his villige. Susan thought it would be fun because she will spend some time alone with him.

They bought a can of fanta and shared it together. Susan wants to kiss him but she dares to do it when Gift told her that he wants to introduce someone for her. Gift walked into an Indian shop, he told a girl that this is our English guest, Gift told Susan that the girl is his future bride. Susan forget to be polite, she couldn’t talk. She didn’t understand anything.


the tex It is about Christopher Boone. Christopher has Asperger syndrom. he found the dog at the night. The dog was lying on the grass on the middle of lawn front of Mrs Shear’s house. The dog was dead. A fork sticking out of the dog named wellington. Christopher went toMrs Shear’s gate. First Christopher clapped the dog namned Wellington. He hugged the dog for a long time and then suddenly Mrs. Shears came running and cursing and screaming that he should release the dog. He released the dog and took a step back. Christopher fell on his knees and pressed his forehead at the grass. Mrs Shears called the police and the police arrived. The police tried to interrogate Christopher but it was to much for him. So he fell down on his knees again and made noises. Then the police grabbed his arms and lifted him onto his feet. Christopher hit the police and that how the story end,